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 Residential Plumbers by B&B Plumbing, Inc.

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About B&B Plumbing

  B&B Plumbing Inc. in Anaheim, CA

Company Description:  B&B Plumbing, Inc., founded in 1975, is a family-owned business in Anaheim, California that has built a reputation for providing honest, quality plumbing services to its customers both commercially and residentially. With state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, B&B Plumbing approaches big and small projects with the same philosophy that their service should be professional and reasonably priced. The techs at B&B Plumbing are extremely knowledgeable and provide courteous, professional service at every home and business they serve.

Main Products and Services:  Plumbing, pipes, water heater, sewage, water jetting, bathroom fixtures, plumbing inspections, construction, commercial, and residential.

Website:  bbplumbinginc.com
Phone:  714-970-7977 

Serving:  Anaheim, CA and the surrounding area

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B&B Plumbing - Member of the Associated Builders and Contractors Southern California


CA License: #608025

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