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DrCloudEMR is built by DrCloud Healthcare Solutions Inc, a wholly owned EnSoftek, Inc.subsidiary.

EnSoftek is a SBA certified 8(a) Business Development firm and an approved vendor to provide “Professional Services” under the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule 70, GSA 8(a) STARS II and GSA 736 contracts. EnSoftek has the ability to provide wide array of staff to meet clients diverse and evolving mission requirements and has successful past performance in the delivery of information technology solutions and services nationwide.

EnSoftek founded DrCloud Healthcare Solutions Inc to build useful, cost-effective state-of-the-art solutions for the healthcare industry. DrCloud is dedicated to this vision.

DrCloud is currently housed in EnSoftek offices in Beaverton, Oregon and India. It is led by a group of individuals who aim to serve the healthcare community by building cost-effective EMR software that will meet their day to day needs. Our philosophy is to utilize modern technology and make it work for our user community not the other way around.

DrCloud specializes in combining strategy, design, and technology to develop comprehensive and successful solutions for its clients just like our parent company. The customer is at the center of everything we develop without any compromise.


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Q & A with Dr Cloud EMR

Answers by Dr Cloud EMR

"EMRs reduce clerical errors, duplication of effort, and allow easy sharing of information between providers." - Dr Cloud EMR

EMR Software FAQ

Q: What is an Electronic Medical Record System

A: An Electronic Medical Record is a very secure digital file of a patient's History, Medical Transcription, Billing Information, and any other necessary details to maintain a complete patient profile. An electronic medical record system in this informational age allows for larger quantities of information which require an advanced database infrastructure. There are many other benefits for both the medical service provider and the consumer.

Q: Who Do Electronic Medical Record System's Benefit?

A: EMRs benefit Patients, Providers, Insurance Companies and overall the HealthCare Industry.

Q: How do they compare with paper-based records?

A: EMRs can pretty much eliminate the need for paper-based records. DrCloudEMR is designed to allow information to be printed to paper as and when required. EMRs reduce clerical errors, duplication of effort, and allow easy sharing of information between providers.

Q: what is open-source EMR system software?

A: Open-Source EMR Software is EMR software that is developed and maintained by the open-source community mostly based on volunteer efforts and activity and functionality depends on the volunteer focus and effort.

Q: Are EMRs important for the healthcare industry and who is using them?

A: Yes they are becoming essential to the healthcare industry and a more and more patients are relying on a good EMR system.

Q: What is Dr Cloud EMR?

A: DrCloudEMR provides quality Electronic Medical Records system for healthcare practices of all sizes. It is a secure web-based solution with Always On architecture. We take on the infrastructure responsibility so you can do what you do best taking care of patients. Your EMR is available from anywhere, anytime.

Answers by Dr Cloud EMR

Behavioral Health EMR Solutions

EMR Software

Behavioral Health EMR

Mental Health EMR

Drug Addiction EMR

Substance Abuse EMR / EHR

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Gambling Addiction EMR

Behavioral Health Software FAQ

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"Our mission is helping providers achieve and sustain better patient outcomes through efficient utilization and implementation of Information Technology (IT)."


"Our operating strategy is very simple. Provide secure, cost-effective and comprehensive software solutions via efficient use of certifications, standards, business and technical expertise."

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Secure Cloud-Based EHR
HIPAA Compliant
Enterprise-grade Security
Meaningful Use Certified
Powerful XOOM Charts
Intuitive Workflow
One-click access
Collaborative Patient Care
Eliminate Paper
Eliminate Billing Errors
Use Resources Efficiently
Get stimulus $$$ Fast


Behavioral Health EMR
Mental Health EMR
Drug Addiction EMR
Gambling Addiction EMR


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